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Thread: need help image size too big

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    need help image size too big

    I done my painting using the trace image size that i had drawn but i could not transfer it to the gallery because it said it was too big. The size is 2550x3509, i tried to make it smaller using the edit section to re scale painting then i tried to re size canvas. I tried for a long time, i could not make it smaller, parts of the painting then became missing. Can someone please help me so i can transfer my painting to the gallery, i'm hoping i do not have to start again with my painting

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    Are you using the "Save Painting" or "Save Painting As..." options under the "File menu"? If so, that could be the problem. If it is, try using the "Export As Image..." option to save the image as .jpeg file instead.

    If that isn't the problem, you should be able to scale the painting down using the "Rescale the Painting..." option (not to be confused with the "Resize Canvas" option) found in the "Edit" menu. If the image is resizing (in dimension) but you still get the message when you upload to the gallery or post, then it could be that the file size itself is to large (and not the dimensions). PNG files, for example, will be considerably larger in file size then a jpeg file of the same dimension.
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    If you're just trying to upload the PTG file (normal saved file from ArtRage) then no wonder! That type is HUGE because it saves all the detail and layers.

    Do what SS above said and EXPORT it as a jpeg. And keep the 'normal' PTG as a backup.
    Also, you can *rescale* the image to a smaller size, then you won't lose anything off the edges. For easy viewing, 800 pixels is fine.

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