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    I just have a crash. Don't remember well what I was doing, trying to set a custom palet I thinking, anyway not drawing.

    The crash log is at : 2.crash.log
    Too big to be put here.

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    Another one with the "nuancier" (in french), seems to be very sensible to crashes.
    I have updated the crash log.

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    Actually I think there is a bug in the "nuancier".
    I'm i a situation where I can't close the "nuancier" with the cross icon, the GUI seems to be stucked, I can't do anything and if I try to delete a color from the "nuancier", ArtRage crashes.
    If I remember I created a color, then open the menu to rename it but bon't rename it and clic outside the menu. From this moment, the GUI is stucked, I can't select another color ...

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    Just to clarify: Is the problem that you have gone to rename the colour, the text edit for renaming is active, but clicking outside it is causing a crash?

    When that text edit is open try pressing Escape and that should cancel the edit, see if that 'unsticks' the interface.

    Thanks for the crash report.
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    Actually it's a bit difficult to reproduce the bug, strange, I did it two times today.

    Anyway the crash arrived when I deleted a color from the palet when the GUI was unable to do anything else.

    The state "GUI stucked" was after a menu opening for a palet color (menu to delete and rename the color), and clic inside the palet under the last color.

    Also sometimes the palet menu (for a color) is still displayed even after a ESC or a clic outside : the menu is no more highlighting its items when mouse passes over. From this point, ArtRage is quite unusable.

    I'm using a Bamboo and the ArtRage window is in maximized size, I put the palet at the right of the paper (not over). Also I have resized the palet.

    I think you could do some "monkey test" with the "nuancier" palet and should find the problem.

    G5/MacOS 10.4.11
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    Unfortunately I am unable to replicate any of the situations you describe.

    Has this started happening recently? If so please run a Permissions check and repair just in case there's a problem with the application on disk (not likely, but worth trying) and let us know if you have installed anything recently including OS updates or software that is running in the background.
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    I don't change anything on my system.

    Actually I reproduce the bug where the menu is displayed but inactive (no item can be selected) in 5 minutes.
    I'm using a tablet pen with the right clic on the 2nd pen button, when I'm using this button, I can't prevent the pen to move, maybe the simultaneous clic and move can be the source of the problem.

    What is very strange is that if I clic without any move (I'm using my second hand to catch the pen) : the menu doesn't appear.
    This is different with a mouse where the meny appears on right clic even if the mouse don't move.

    Update: I just realize that the pen has to leave the contact of the tablet to make the "right" clic. Even if the pen move, the menu doesn't appear, but if I clic and then leave the contact : the menu appears.

    This behavior seems to be ArtRage specific : in Finder the menu appears with the clic.

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