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Thread: Moara - Coops

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    irishrose Guest
    Oh, Oriane, you are too sweet! I just didn't feel worthy to be put in the same category as a painter such as Miro! Wow, you did a second side!!! I do love it so!!! I wish I had the time to paint these days like I did last year. So much more has happened this year and not allowing me the time I need, so I comment more than DO! I know, I need to get moving, some motivation! You are the master of gallery art! xoxox Hugs again, always!

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    Oriane, the other side or Rose's gallery is simply super, super just like the first side. Finally, we have a place right here in the forum where we can see Rose's beautiful work.
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    Oriane, Rose's second gallery is simply delicious. I just love the carpet. You have so many ideas its unbelievable. Great work and well done Rose.
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    Oriane great work as always.

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    In Robert's Wade gallery there is just one painting in the same situation, sheltered behind one Robert's painting, i.e. In purpose I wanted to immerse a painting of the great Cézanne, father of us all, in Robert's gallery. I could not find the correct place than I put it behind Wade's ocean master piece, just by the window.

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    I wondered about that one ... it didn't seem familiar.
    Found it. "View of the Bay of Marseilles"
    My "room" continues to fascinate me. I have it as my desktop.
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    irishrose Guest
    Oriane, glad that I'm not the only one.. hey, it's good to have a painting from a well known famous artist in our galleries anyway, makes it more genuine. I don't feel so alone!

    And Robert, ME TOO!!! I have my second room as my desktop! Thanks again Oriane!

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    wow this is a great thread and an awesome idea. Some one whos good with flash should take this when its finished and make it where your walking into the gallery from the door and travel through all the galleries. That would be cool! great work! keep em coming!
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    I was at the art museum and I was stunned to find you there!!!!!!! Wow it looks great dosn't it a lil tribute from me to orianelima
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    Dear Cartuneman,,, beautiful, so appropriate, well deserved,,,,,!

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