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    Moara - Coops

    MOARA means MUSEUM OF ARTRAGEOUS ART. This name was coined by Byron Callas to designate this thread.

    The first name of this thread was ARTGALLERY. With time it has changed to "MOARA: always opened". At the present time it is called either MOARA (Byron Callas) or MOARA - AN OPEN APPRECIATION OF TALENT (Robert Wade) or still MOARA FOREVER (Coops)

    MOARA presents a synthesis of the art works produced by brilliant artists of the digital painting world.

    The following artists contributed, up to now, posting galleries or other images in the MOARA: CAESAR, COOPS, GZAIRBORNE, JOHN BLACKFORD, JUZ, LEE, ORIANE LIMA, ROBERT WADE, SABENA and WANT2PAINT.

    Here a posting list and the page to facilitate search:

    Various Artists (pg1) Lee (pg2) Sabena (pg3) Levent (pg 4) Byron (pg5) Caesar (pg6)


    Gzairborne (pg8) Phil (pg9) Juz (pg10) Oriane (by GZ pg11) Pudy (pg13)
    Weembaman x2 (pg14) Fraser (pg14) Robert (pg15) Robert by GZ (pg16)
    Coops (pg17) Mr. Paint (pg17)

    MOARA 1st FLOR (PG20)

    Rose x2(pg20) Emotion's Thread (pg20) Rose (pg21) Oriane by Cartuneman (pg22)
    Khalid (pg23) Various Artists (pg23) Pai x2 (pg27) Damaso by GZ (pg28)
    Damaso by Oriane (pg29) Scott x2(pg29)
    Heiki by GZ x2(pg31 and32) Oriane by Coops (pg32)
    Mairzie by Coops (pg33) Rob by Oriane x2 (pg33)
    Nika by GZ (pg34) Rick (pg35) Sadclown by Coops (pg36)
    Peter (pg36) Rick by GZ (pg37) Gina Hobbit by Coops(pg38)
    Ailaya by GZ (pg38) Foxytocin by Coops (pg39) Fashmir (pg40)
    Cartuneman (pg) Jim Walsh x2(pg40) Dial-a-Cliche by Coops (pg42)
    Byron x2 (pg42) Sketchism by GZ (pg43) Ailaya (pg43)
    Taron by Coops (pg45) Belvrog by GZ (pg46 ) Oriane by Sabena x2(pg46)
    Alexandra by Robert (pg47) JulieDiane by Coops(pg48) Coops (pg49)
    Levent x2 (pg49) Want2Paint by Coops(pg50) Whaheed x2(pg51)
    SCP (pg51) ArtNuovo by Coops(pg52)

    THE AVATAR GALLERY by Coops (pg53)

    Speggie by Coops (pg55) Shirly by Coops(pg56) Jacktar by Robert (pg56)
    JBYRJBYR by Coops (pg57)

    THE POETS OF THE MOARA: Akey, Robert and Marzie (pg58)

    Enchanter by Coops (pg60) Mjorahwy by Coops (pg61)
    Reniklaf (pg62) Radar by Coops (pg63) Coops by Want2Paint (pg63)
    Altimaître by Coops (pg65) Jules (pg 66) Wenkat (pg66)


    Stephe LoPiano by Coops (pg67)


    Tinzo by Coops (pg69) Cedric by Coops (pg69) Silvy by Coops (pg71)
    Flyash by Coops (pg72) Dali by Coops (73) Someonesane by Coops (pg74)
    BMCIllustrator by Coops (pg75) Flynn The Cat by Coops (76)
    Robert Wade (pg76) Iluminati (pg76) EB by Coops (pg77) Cripster by Coops (pg78)
    Maror by Coops (pg 79) Blury by Coops (80) ARTGEEK by Coops (pg81)
    Bumble x2 by Coops (pg82)

    MOARA AFTER 9 Nika and Damaso

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