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Thread: OK... first post. Here we go!

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    OK... first post. Here we go!

    Hi all, long time lurker and first time poster, as they say. I bought a Wacom Bamboo fun after the college where I teach bought them for one of the IT courses. After drawing the short straw it looks like I'll have to learn the ArtRage software and teach it to the students. After a little fiddling around I have come to love this program. A small review follows, detailing one man's fumbling attempts to do something creative

    Firstly the manual is brilliant, and it's not often you get to say that about software nowadays. Not a wasted page in there and all the information is relevant and concise. Still, we can't expect students to actually read stuff independently, now can we?

    So, having done a few pencil sketches in the past, I thought I'd try and emulate my (admittedly, self taught) drawing style. A quick scan on the Interweb and a nice pic of Arnie 'The Governator' Schwarzenegger becomes the first victim.

    I used to use a grid for initial sketches on my drawings - probably one of the few things I remember being taught in school around 100 years, or so, ago I later managed to gain access to an enlarging photocopier and lightbox and the task became much easier, just tracing the image. So the first tool to get any serious use is the tracing image tool. Genius - and the reference pic tool is handy too. Why can't all software be this easy to use <SIGH>

    Here's the initial sketch along with the first little bit of shading.
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    OK, next update.

    A little further on and the left eye and cheek is shaping up nicely. I'm not sure about the pencil settings. Any suggestions? I used to use a 4B pencil for all my drawing and keep it razor sharp as much as possible. I can't seem to get really deep blacks the way you can with a pencil, by building up the lead over several passes. This may be a problem later Te nose area is blocked in, but the pencil strokes seem a bit scrappy. I would use a soft eraser to smooth those out a little normally. I'll have a go with the palette knife maybe and see how that goes on.
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    Hmmm.. maybe this should have gone in the Work in progress section. Never mind, unless a kind moderator wants to move this thread

    A bit more work on the nose. I tried altering some of the settings. The pressure setting seems to work OK. Not quite sure what effect the tilt angle has made. Still not really happy with the intensity of the black.

    More work on the nose. It still looks quite scrappy. I'll try the palette knife in a minute and see what happens.

    How did I ever survive 15 years in IT without a graphics tablet - even a cheap and cheerful one like this
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    Two minutes work has transformed this beast. The palette knife is brilliant. The only problem is that my meagre black has turned extremely bland and grey. Again, this will need sorting out. This is only a test and I intend to carry on with the pencil until the drawing is substantially complete, then have another go with the knife.

    One image with the original sketch lines and one without.
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    Welcome to Artrage Bacon and I can see your already having fun. Great work and looking forward to seeing more.
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    You are talented one dear Bacon, very good work, your work does not need critiques any.

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    Thanks Coops. This is seriously addictive. I used to relax in the evenings with my drawings and it used to take ages. I can't believe how quickly this is coming on.

    I probably should have started with a much bigger canvas. I normally draw on A3 size paper and the pencil strokes seem too thick on the computer. Also had a little mini-disaster. After messing around with the layers I proceeded to carry on drawing on the wrong layer. DOH! as Homer is wont to say

    I suppose I could have messed about with subtracting layers and all sorts of magical jiggerypokery but in the end I just merged the two layers together. This may limit the sketch later when it comes to blending it with the knife.

    The other eye, cheek and forehead now added in. Still not happy about the black but I'm getting used to it
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    More Arnie...

    Not too bothered by the pencil strokes any more as they can be blended out later. I've decided that even though it all looks grey, I'll probably use the palette knife and see what sort of effects it adds.

    Side of head and neck added, quite roughly I might add. I tended to do this when I was drawing as well, spending a lot of time on the facial features and then rushing the broader, less detailed areas... Ho hum!
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    I couldn't wait and did another quick test and... hmmmmmm... I'm not quite so sure this time, whether I like it or not. The ear looks ridiculous and definitely needs reworking. The lack of black is worrying, but thinking back, maybe my pencil drawings weren't as deep black as I remember them. Nostalgia ain't what it used to be!

    I'm still in traditional mode and probably need to develop a computer style for drawing, learning to use the tools to do things slightly differently. Still it's only a test so let's press on and see
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    Welcome...this drawing is excellent..I find that sometimes the felt marker makes darker lines, worth a try......

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