Hey, just wanted to thank Artrage for the great program. I began enhancing some of my watercolor paintings and drawings a few years ago after scanning them in and then started working on new landscapes and waterscapes. Recently I started putting some of my images on products on a few storefronts. I use all the artrage tools but usually the oil paint and airbrush, pencil, pastel, crayon and glitter too. I'm always amazed at the quality of the finished work.

I think the art is the fun part, but the marketing is very time consuming and tedious. Right now I'm working on writing/illustrating children's books. The art is definitely 24/7 these days. I like joining the other websites to get ideas, communicate with other artists and join their groups. I just opened a squidoo lens but have not uploaded the art yet. Let me know what you think! You can see some of my art on zazzle under magins creations. I'll have to come back later and post the URL's.