I've been a user of Artrage for quite some time now, and it's been wonderful to work with.

The only thing I'd really wish for is an option for Artrage to not handle the right clicks of the mouse exclusively.

I have a tablet that doesn't have a keyboard in its form, and so have moved into ways of interacting with programs without a keyboard - but also still trying to work seamlessly and also with shortcuts.

One program I use throughout my OS and programs is called "StrokeIt". It catches right click drags and recognises any you've drawn with any you've defined.

For example, a right click and drag to the left will press the [Left Arrow] key. Or writing the letter "D" with the right click will press the [Delete] key. Drawing a S with the right click will press [Ctrl + S]. All commands customisable and all in StrokeIt - to the point where I work in Flash and Photoshop with virtually no menu pressing or navigating (and to some extent, 3dsMax, too) - and most importantly, not having to shift my arm across the screen to tap another tool, press save, select the move tool, tapping zoom buttons, etc... As time shifting my arm from one side of the UI to the other side could accumulate to quite a lot of time for very large pieces of art. Many a times I sketch away without the UI present.

I know it could sound like some kind of lazyness to not want to lift an arm to click on another part of the screen, but I prefer to work speedily, seamlessly and focus without looking do different parts of the screen when needing to change tools, pan or zoom.

Hopefully its not too tough to implement a toggle or option for Artrage to not handle the right clicks exclusively. Its the only program I use where getting to shortcuts requires me to find n plug in a keyboard.

And I certainly ask it as an option, because I do understand that most people can easily get by with the current function of the right click - but I'm wishing to push that right click's versatility and functionality further than that through the use of StrokeIt.

(Some things I am wanting to do through StrokeIt is for a right click stroke/gesture set to press [Enter], another to [Spacebar down/press] and another gesture for [Spacebar up/Release], others to [1], [2], [3], etc...)

Hopefully this suggestion doens't seem to insignificant or out of place. Whilst I understand that a keyboard is almost accessible anywhere - having a Slate-type tablet PC and working on the go is fantastic with StrokeIt - I'd love to weave Artrage into that workflow seamlessly, too.

Thanks team for Artrage, its been a fantastic program!

(I also apologise in advance for the inconvenience if there is already a work-around for the right click handling already. I hadn't found any threads that addressed it in my look through the tech or suggestion pages.)