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Thread: Portrait sketch - movie (download/online)

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    Portrait sketch - movie (download/online)

    Ok, so this is a movie from drawing this portrait:

    it took me 30 min., but I make this movie faster, so you will watch it only for 8 minutes
    Nothing special, I just thought that his movie could help someone, and in the other hand - you could watch how I draw
    So... enjoy
    I wanted to add music for it, but program started to work really weird :P
    You can download it from here and, if you don't want to, you can watch it online on this site, too But if you will watch it online, it will be in strange dimensions, because I recorded it on wide screen format, and it was reduced to normal format^^' But after downloading it it will look normal

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    The video is excellent. Your drawing skills are awesome.
    Appreciation fosters well-being. Be well.
    Thread with bunches of my AR paintings-conversations. Here

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    Byron, thank you

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