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Thread: i Need INSPIRATION!!!!!

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    i Need INSPIRATION!!!!!

    someone please help me!

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    Well, it's hard to tell someone what he should draw. If you don't know by yourself...well, when I feel lika I lost inspiration, I simply don't draw, or I practise details, such as parts of a body, backgrounds, emotions and so on. But if I don't have a feeling of drawing right now, it wouldn't turn so good as it could be.
    But - if you really need some ideas, just try those threads in Art Project, like self portrait, drawing a cat and so on.

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    Another possibility is to go to the Flickr Advanced Search page, click on the "Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content" check-box near the bottom, then type some random word into the "Search for" box at the top and see what comes up. It often leads to cool images like this one.
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    I know how you feel, because I get the same way when drawing... it's strange... first I'll be dying to paint/draw something and then I won't know what to draw at all!

    But with ArtRage, I'll just doodle. Some of my paintings were just me doodling and it came out good.

    But I'm not exactly sure what you should draw... other than a painting.

    But just doodle... you never know what will happen
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    Just for the fun of it, play around with each of the tools available. Experiment with what they can do. Sometimes serendipity happens and you come out with something that pleases you. Other times you run across an effect you didn't expect and you start seeing possibilities.

    And stop stressing yourself about what to draw. It should be fun and relaxing. Its not a life or death thing.

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