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Thread: Ironsea Ray

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    Ironsea Ray

    Hi guys,

    I just started working this up - it actually started as a test but kinda evolved into a nice fantasy art idea and i thought i'd run with it..

    I plan to add a lot more colour to the ray and a long swirly tail, maybe with some feathers on.. Any suggestions would be welcome.

    Also, when i export this to jpg the colours suddenly become A LOT deeper and darker.. anyone know why this is?

    p.s. thanks to jacktar51 for the sea stencil (and the gulls). Ray was stencilled from a photo.
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    Hi JamieB,good start there.When I look at your Ray I see it has a futuristic space/sea craft,maybe that's a possiblity for you?? Otherwise it's a good start for a creature.
    To your question about the darkness of Jpg,it could be if you have different layers when you export as an image?
    Maybe try merging all layers and seeing the darkness level.
    Otherwise you can change the levels after export in another program,I do this alot if I'm not happy with it.If you don't have Photoshop,there a few free ways to doing this,you can try
    Or if you don't want a web page program ,I don't mind ARTWEAVER it's free ,it's a low end cross between Painter and Photoshop and easy to use.

    The interface is very close to Photoshop,quick and easy to crop and adjust your jpgs with.Hope this is of some help?

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    Thanks for those SCP, those sites/wares seem very useful!

    I've just done a quick sky because i thought the image looked a little blank.. coloured it a bit in sumo.. Still not finished, really need to start playing with the ray............
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    Hey JamieB, that sky helps a lot. Interested to see where this goes!
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