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Thread: ArtRage 3 release date

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    Red face ArtRage 3 release date

    This is May 2009!
    Does anyone know for sure when Artrage 3 will be out?

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    There has been no announced date for it's release. The AR team has ensured us that they are working hard on AR3 to ensure that it will be a stable release. However, they have mentioned that there will be a watercolor tool in it.
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    Spoken like a true anartist on a May Day! Power to the painters, right on!

    To quote Jim Morrison:

    We want the world and we want it. . . . now. . . . . NOW. . . . .NooOOOOOooWWWww!!!!!!!!!!!
    . . ."Get 3, baby", one more time. . .
    . . ."Wanna get 3 baby in our prime". . .

    Man, love music with lyrics. Adds such emotion that gets lost in simple text.

    This is great fun, especially since I couldn't attend any protests back in the 60s because my mom wouldn't let me. I remember Mama putting a bull horn up to my ear and chanting, "Hell no, you can't go! Hell no, you can't go!"

    But I digress. . .

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