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Thread: No zoom with tablet pencil

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    No zoom with tablet pencil


    I've just updated the driver of my wacom bamboo, and I have no more zoom with the first button of the pencil, which is assigned to panoramic/scrolling.

    If I remember well this button was activating the zoom, isn't it ?

    Now it moves the canvas like the second button (right clic).

    Is there a way to get back the zoom, or maybe it's a bug with the new driver ?

    The driver file I installed is cons511-1_int.dmg

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    The shortcut for zooming in ArtRage is shift+right click ( or space + shift + Left click ).

    Normally, with my tablet I hold down the shift key on the keyboard, press the stylus right-click button in and drag left and right above the surface of the tablet to zoom.
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    Yes, it works now with shift.
    I don't what have changed, I don't remember using shift...

    Anyway, thanks

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