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Thread: Gamma and dpi bugs?

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    Gamma and dpi bugs?

    Exported images becomes brighter and other than this, imported images in 72 dpi changes to 96 dpi resolution when exported. These are bugs?

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    Don't know about the gamma, but the DPI is a confirmed bug. Well, actually, you have two things there: one the imported images become artrage canvas files, which means the DPI of the canvas is possibly no the same as the imported image. 2. Artrage has a bug in which exported DPI is 96 for png (and I usually get 120 for jpg) unless you export as PSD which preserves everything accurately. Didn't realise it changed it UP, thought it was only a loss, so that's interesting. (I usually paint at at least 300dpi, so never tested the lower settings)

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    When it comes to DPI we don't do anything with the values unless it's a PSD, so the operating system image handler will be setting a default and in some cases that may go higher, in others it may go lower, we don't control that. It's not actually damaging the pixels in the file however so you can just shift it back in the app you're printing from. If you don't go in to the resize pane and change the DPI/Size values of your painting then the imported and exported DPI of the image shouldn't do anything to the actual result.

    Exported images becoming brighter is interesting. When we export, we export the exact pixel values you see on the screen so they should appear the same if you open the image on the same machine. Could you send a PTG file and an exported version of it that you see as brighter to and we'll take a look at the file.
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    CMS in a nutshell...

    Depending on what you opened your exported image in, you may very well see a brightness or color shift due to your system's color management settings. Photoshop specifically uses two ICC profiles to generate the image you see on screen. The first is your Monitor Profile. This profile is generated by a calibrator (like Monoco color or Profiler Maker) and ties RGB values together with L*a*b values. L*a*b is a device independent color model and acts as a sort of translation space for displaying color accurately across different systems. The second profile is the Working Space profile set in Photoshop. This profile likewise is a pairing of RGB to L*a*b numbers, but the mapping will be different. To display your image, Photoshop takes the RGB values of your file converts them to L*a*b using the working space profile and the takes those L*a*b values and looks up what RGB values it should send your monitor using your monitor space profile to get a match.

    So how do you fix your problem? Do you have to use a calibrator to get Artrage to match Photoshop? No you don't. Simply do the following.

    1. Go into your Color Settings for Photoshop (which you will find in your Edit Menu)
    2. Open the RGB working space pull down.
    3. Select Monitor RGB from the list.
    4. Open the Color Management Policies pull down for RGB.
    5. Select OFF
    6. Save Settings.

    Now Photoshop will use your monitor space as your working space and the output should match Artrage exactly. Note that even if you don't use a characterization software, this should be the case. Without a monitor profile, photoshop will use whatever the operating system default is, just as Artrage does because it's not color managed. No L*a*b lookup will occur.

    However, getting your image to match on another device (printer, monitor, etc.) without a characterization? That's another story and beyond the scope of this little intervention of mine.


    Benjamin A. Slack
    Color Manager and Imaging Lead
    Southern Graphic Systems - Battle Creek, MI
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    Dear Benjamin thanks for the comment, but I have no problem between ps and ar, I already sent ptg and exported jpg file to ar team.

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    Ah, bummer that. Well, I tried. I'd seen a shift like you described in taking my AR materials into PS and I thought you might be bumping up against what I had. In any event, good luck. Hope a solution presents itself.



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