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    Wish List

    I'm new to ArtRage and to this forum and I want to say Hi to everyone.
    I wanted to say that I love the program. But I do have a few wishes I'd like to see, and I hope you don't mind my suggestions.

    1) Is it possible to make the blending tools (modes) easier to get to? Can it be put on the first click on the layers palette? I use this very often.

    2) Is there a way to save a .psd or .jpg without having to go to export? I'm usually on deadlines and every click saves time.

    3) + or - key strokes to make the brushes scale smaller or larger? Again, the time thing.
    It's all about the time thing.

    Great software and you have great customer support!

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    Thanks for the suggestions! Regarding 3/, you can use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to increase / reduce the size of the tool by 1%, or if shift is held down, in 10% increments.
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