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Thread: Pirate version of ArtRage

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    Exclamation Pirate version of ArtRage

    There is a pirate version of ar 2.5 in a illegal website... DONT DOWNLOAD IT... download and buy ar from this site only...

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    Wow. I think that's a first. Usually it's just the free version O_o

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    Rather vague on specifics, but basically, almost everything is available to anyone if you know where to look. The question is - is it worth it (morally or legally or safety risks).

    I just downloaded and installed the legal version of the Starter Edition of ArtRage 2.5. After a couple of minutes, my son said "this is crippled-ware", meaning that many functions are disabled from the Full version because it is the free version.

    This after having just tried out the 15-day unlimited version of Sketchbook Pro 2010, which we bought after his using for 1 night with full capabilities.

    MANY people with limited budgets need to make as informed a decision as possible before outlaying cash. For folks with P2P or torrent in their blood, it's an unfortunate no-brainer to try a pirated full-version to help them in that decision. Obviously this is not the correct thing to do, especially since there are those that will never intend to buy it even if it turns out to be a perfect fit for them, but I point this out because it does and will always happen, and good, reasonably-priced software will usually be purchased if somebody finds themselves enamored with a copy they otherwise obtained.

    I will buy ArtRage 2.5 if my son likes it, but that is based on his use of the "limited" version of ArtRage versus his full version of SBP 2010. I hope that he can use enough features to make an informed decision, as I like the idea of both tools for slightly different purposes, as long as he likes them both. But it is his call...

    Besides the moral and legal aspects of using pirated versions, there is also safety aspect of inadvertently downloading a deliberately "infected" version. Since I abhor the people that make these infected versions available more that I do the person that may download them, a word of warning - many of these "pirate" versions are really trojans/viruses that are waiting to be downloaded in the guise of being anything legit out there (be it a movie or music CD or software program).

    If a legal downloaded program from the web is 8MB, then a warning flag should go up when you see a 512KB file being advertised as a pirate copy of the same thing. Same thing with a program installed on a DVD (which for a single-sided single-layer is 4.7GB) or a CD (800MB) - don't expect that 5MB download to be anything but trouble.

    Be that as it may - take advantage of free trials. If you need more time, install on a different PC or email company and ask permission to download another copy because you didn't have enough time. And yes, although I do not condone downloading illegal copies, I also prefer to try full versions that are time-limited, or even better, number of times of use limited. In a 15-day trial when things are busy at school or his sports, my son may only get to try it 3 times. In a 10 or 15-times use trial, he can really get a sense for a program.

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