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Thread: Selecting work area

  1. Selecting work area

    I have not gotten my fully functional version of AR yet, but I've checked the manual for this, can't seem to find any answer.

    Is there any method of selecting an area of the canvas to work on, such as a lasso or simple marquis?

    If not, how would you solve something like this?
    let's say you've drawn three mice, or lemons, etc. You want to put each on a seperate layer? How would you select each item n order to make a layer of it?

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    I think the only way in the current ArtRage is to duplicate the layer enough times, and then erase everything you don't want on each layer.

    As I've mentioned before, I often forget to make a new layer when I start up ArtRage for a new painting, and then am disappointed when I want to do a background (or something underneath). Turns out you can duplicate the layer, clear the bottom layer, and then set the paper type to 'Cel' (which is transparent) on the duplicated layer.

    I was initially unhappy that there was no selection tool in ArtRage, but I think maybe now it was to intentionally make it more of a natural media toolbox. You can't really copy and paste with real oil-paints :-)

    In any event, if it's not there in ArtRage 3 I'll be happy. I've still got Pixelmator for any photo-editing-type work I need to do.
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    Or export that layer as an image file and edit it elsewhere, then import back into a layer or as a trace image

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    And check the part about stencils and creating custom stencils. You may use selfcreated stencils for isolating part of the artwork, if that's what you're looking for.

  5. Thanks

    Thanks for the input everyone, great suggestions and guidance.

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