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Thread: Zoom Tool Enhancement Request

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    Zoom Tool Enhancement Request

    I'm wondering if others would find this UI enhancement useful.

    Currently, the zoom tool zooms in and out as you drag the mouse/stylus left or right with the zoom tool active. The center of the zoom (or the point on the screen that remains stationary) is somewhere in the middle of your screen. Therefore in order to zoom into a certain area that is not at this point, I need to move the canvas (pan) so that it is at the center of the screen.

    I wonder if it would be useful to zoom in and out from the point where the user had clicked down on to do the zoom rather than the screen center. I am certain it would help me. Rather than go back and forth between the pan tool and the zoom tool, I would be able to zoom in and out using just the zoom tool.


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    This would be a wonderful enhancement, I agree.

    - Gita

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    i'd like to be able to use the mouse wheel to zoom. eg, press the mouse wheel down to activate zoom mode, then scroll up and down to zoom in and out. click again to de-activate.

    although i actually use a wacom pen to draw but use the mouse to move the paper or zoom etc.
    so maybe the above option would be okay for me but a nuisance for mouse only artragers?

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