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    Hi. I'm new to ArtRage. I have heard other members posting about using tablets. It is extreamly difficult to maneuver ArtRage tools with a laptop mouse and a regular mouse. Could anyone point me into the right direction and say what tools they use and where they got them. Thanks.
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    Wacom Intous 3 is my weapon of choice.. Mine is just turning 3 years old now, and I have not had one bit of a problem with it.. I never use a mouse for anything since purchasing my Wacom.. Of course thats just my feelings, I'm sure others have their own favorites..
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    I started using ArtRage last October with mouse only (I have a desktop PC and that may have made it easier than it would have been with a laptop...I have no idea). After reading many posts here about the benefits of a tablet, I bought a Bamboo Fun tablet in December (from the now out-of-business Circuit City) and, while I use both, I'm often more comfortable with the idea why. But whether you use mouse, tablet or both, ArtRage is a good program and you'll get used to it quickly. I'm sure we all look forward to your postings. Good luck and welcome to the forum.

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    I have done all my paintings with a mouse. It works fine, but it certainly limits the range of possibilities. I have ordered a new Wacom Intuios 4 (medium) and can hardly wait to put it to the test. The reviews are outstanding (but you can't always trust those.) I spent almost two months researching tablets and, with the exception of a farily hight costs, it seemed the only logical way to go. It seems the latest and greatest is worth going for, and it has a full 30-day money-back guaranteed, no questions asked. Google Wacom Intuios 4 and check it out if you're doing research.
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    I use a bamboo, it is my first so I have nothing to compare it to, but I have been happy with it and has done everything it has needed to do except make me a better artist... oh wait... I dont think they make anything for that issue
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    I also use the Wacom Intuos 3. Its a fine tool for working with ArtRage, though it might take you a bit to feel comfortable with it at first (a hand/eye coordination thing that gets to be natural with a bit of practice). Good luck with your search!
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    Thank you all very much, I will look into all the things you sugested and may even buy one! Again Thank you very much
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    Kailbarr...sorry I didn't see your posting until I just finished posting my reply from another person questioning on what tablet to use.

    See this posting below:

    Since I am just starting out with no real intention as of yet with my digital artwork, I purchased the Bamboo Fun and haven't looked back since. I can only give credit to Bryoncallas and jbyrjbyr1 for using that mouse!!!

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    I use a touch screen laptop. the screen flips around and folds down over the keyboard so it faces up and the whole computer can be held like a pad paper, or you can flip it round and set it up in tent shape with the screen facing you like an easel. I draw into it with the included stylus, although I could paint with my fingers if the app allowed. I can rotate the screen display to landscape or portrait in any direction too, to suit whatever I'm doing, or just use it like a laptop.
    Touchscreen tablet PCs are more expensive than compatible laptops and a bit heavier because the screen is fronted with glass instead of scratchable plastic. I love it. this is my second tablet pc and I'll never go back!
    If I had a wacom tablet I'd still need decent hand-eye co-ordination but this is exactly like drawing on paper.
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    My first one, not my personal but at my place of employment was a Wacom, it was huge, and It did well for as little as I used it, for I found that I drew better, and can still draw better with a pencil in my hand.

    When it came time to buy one for home use, I decided to go as cheap as I possibly could, with the intent of upgrading to a better tablet if it ever became a tool I relied heavily on. So I bought a little 4x6 Hanvon tablet at Fry's. I am PERFECTLY happy with it and I think that it cost me around 40 bucks. I have no reason to buy another one. If I could make one improvement, it would be that the eraser would be on the stylus, just like a regular pencil, (Wacom has that feature (they did, I'm not sure they still do) because once you get the feel for it as a real pencil, you'll instinctively flip it over to erase.

    My advice, don't spend alot until you're sure you like a tablet. If the Hanvon tablet ever breaks, I might be tempted to buy a bigger Wacom, but until then, I'm really happy with my original choice.

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