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Thread: question on how to keep a photo up

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    question on how to keep a photo up

    I'm trying to do a painting right now, and the photo I'm using will disappear each time I click the mouse to paint. I've done a few paintings before, been several months but I can't for the life of me remember if I had this same problem then or not. Its a pain in the neck to have to click the photo back up. I have it saved in 'my documents' and go between that and artrage. Is there a setting or something I can do to keep the photo up continually while I paint? Thanks for any help.

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    From the menu, choose 'Tools', and from that menu choose 'Open a Reference Image'

    That will allow you to pin a reference photo to the canvas. You can more the pinned image to where you want by clicking in the middle and dragging it around. You can resize it by dragging the corners, and rotate it by dragging the edges. You can have as many references pinned to the canvas as you like.
    Using the eye-dropper tool, you can also sample colours from the reference images.
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    Thats great, thanks for the help.

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    I"m stuck, there's no button for 'open a reference image'......but I have a feeling I might know why....but in the meantime can you tell me anyway? :wink:

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    I had a feeling I could get that 'tools' option if I purchased artrage, which I have no problem with and in fact extremely happy that I just did this. Wow, what a difference in the user interface...this is the best 20 bucks I've spent in a long time. :P I'm raging in happiness!!

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    You beat me to it, that's quite right, reference images are a feature in the Full version of ArtRage. We have a comparison table here We wanted to keep the original features of Artrage 1 together with a few improvements and extras for our free version of ArtRage 2, while adding a ton of new stuff for people who purchased the full version. Thank you for supporting ArtRage, we do appreciate it!

    Really glad to hear that you're enjoying it, mistymtnhop =)
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