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Thread: palettes, manual loading, non-point sampler

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    palettes, manual loading, non-point sampler

    Edited for accuracy. Plus, now 80% bigger!

    Palettes: Not just one, but the ability to have a collection, a la the color samples. The ability to duplicate them, to make variants. The ability to "lock" a palette such that a brush can be loaded from it indefinitely. This is predicated on another feature though...

    Manual loading: Except for locking, I would be able to grok most of the above with layers, except that there is currently no way for brushes to load paint from the canvas, without the brush first auto-loading with the currently selected color (from color-picker or samples). This also has the side effect of muddying the former with the latter.

    Non-point sampler: The sampler only gets me part-way toward manual loading. First, despite having a width setting, it appears to be only a point sampler, so only basic homogeneous loading is possible, i.e. no gradients across the width of the brush stroke. Second, in addition to having to repeatedly toggling between sampler and brush with this approach, I find myself also toggling the loading level on my brush, again to avoid muddying caused by auto-loading.
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