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Thread: SPEEDPAINTS ETC_Finished.

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    Dear SCP, Your added monsters collection is stunning for quality and variaty! Your speed painting clearly shows Your outstanding mastery!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    sorry I missed the new additions. Fantastic work. I love the gorilla on a bike. What a character.

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    Hi Scott,

    I've been quite busy and traveling on business recently - I'm in Amsterdam now - it's been difficult to keep up with everyone's posts. But I got a chance to catch up on your thread today - there is so much stunning work here since my last visit. I am particularly impressed with this last post - it's a sublime masterpiece. If you could blow it up as big as a wall it would be powerful and impressive to stumble upon it in the best museums with a room dedicated to it alone. Just a great piece of work.

    And Monty is looking good too. Is he dating?

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    Ohhhhhhh my goodness .... your latest painting captures the very
    essence of one of RobertSWade's Art Rageous outdoor BarBQ's
    prepared with his not too acidy sauce recipe and yummmmmm ...
    there we all are ... gnashing (pardon!) at the teeth for one of Bob's
    all too ... done to a crisp turn ... slabs of flesh ... er ... meat.
    We neeever question where the choice cuts come from but must say ...
    that smokey, fire licked, open pit flavor demands a request for seconds
    and ... I swear that my portion is still screaming ... ohhhh ... what the
    hey ... dig in gang and pass the mustard! You must have noticed that
    I really love this painting and as a side note and being now hungry ...
    I believe that I could even eat D Akey's flea bitten horse if there might
    still be enough room on that dante's inferno grill of yours. So very and
    scarely well painted!
    Mairzie Dotes

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    Wonderful new additions, really scary and well made.
    Monty is a lovely puppy
    Silvia Bandini

    Sorry for my english...
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    Wow! I must confess that I have not followed this thread for some reason. . . probably because things move so doggone fast.

    Monty is a happy looking lad. Is it the full Monty or is he still growing?

    Anyway, the monster paintings are really fun, but that red swirly Paraná from Hell (sorta redundant) bears a striking resemblance to photos I've seen from the holiday hot tub party at Hieronymus Bosch's. Really groovy that one especially. The only sensible guests wore their suits of armor into the hot tub.

    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    sandyg lol yes heaps of eyes&teeth Thankyou and yes Monty thanks you too

    Caesar Thankyou kindly,very glad you enjoy my monsters ,I'm no master thou

    gzairborne Hey Albert,thanks for the visit,glad you like The bike riding Ape

    byroncallas Very nice of you to drop by Byron,hope you had a wonderful trip! Thanks for your support and no, Monty is still single

    Alexandra Thankyou!.. yes Monty almost has his own fan club now,I had a delivery truck stop in the middle of the road just to look at Monty,very funny the guy was in love with My dog!!

    Mairzie Dotes LOL I don't know how you come up with this stuff,but I love reading your visual words!"I swear that my portion is still screaming ... ohhhh ... what the
    hey ... dig in gang and pass the mustard!" Hahahaha!!Thankyou so much.

    silvy Thankyou, hope it doesn't scare you away lol.

    D Akey Hehehe Monty is still growing (more filling out) not the Full Monty yet.
    " holiday hot tub party at Hieronymus Bosch's"
    I haven't heard that artists name since I was at school.I remember back then being drawn to all the details going on in his paintings.
    Thanks heaps for the visit and I appreciate you taking the time to leave comments,very nice of you.

    I have been working on a few things at once and this was what I call a inbetween warmup quickie that I decided to develop a little more.
    It has stage 1 (about 5-6mins) then stage 2(20mins) stage 3(20mins)
    Using ArtRage crayon,eraser and pencil tool.

    Click on image to enlarge.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Inspiring works. Greetings.

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    Dear SCP, "one of these things is not like the other, one of these things is not the same", your little creatures reminded me of Sesame Street, and the talent of Jim Henson, and am sure you are a member of that same talent club!

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