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Thread: Water droplet for ByronC

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    Thank you for the Tutorial..Nothing to it once you see how it's done... Thanks again...

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    Oh, look we are in Kansas Toto.
    weembaman, no problems. Glad I could help.

    To all,
    By the by, as I mentioned briefly at the beginning of this, I zoom way in and work on a single layer. I only did it backwards for the tutorial. So, draw yourself a leaf, add a layer over it, zoom WAY in put a white dot with airbrush set to 1 or 2 and work from there.

    Working in close-up makes it so you don't have to be AS detailed. When you zoom out it looks just as good, so there's no loss in quality.
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    This technique is just too cool for words, LittleJohn! Thanks for taking the time and effort on creating this tutorial and sharing it with the rest of us!

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