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    Water droplet for ByronC

    Okay, so it started off over here...

    Foxytocin wanted to know how I did the water droplets Byroncallas said he'd like to see a demonstration, so here we are...

    You asked for it, you got it. Here's a tutorial on how to do water droplets, well, it's how I do them anyhow.
    Hope you like it.
    When I did the water droplets for my Crimson picture, I was working REAL close, zoomed in all the way. It makes a difference when you zoom out and look at the picture. For this tutorial, I did it the other way around, work big and then modify the layer to make it smaller. It seems to work either way. I'd suggest trying it small first, like I said it just seems easier, not so many pixels to deal with.
    I started with a blue background for this, it just makes it easier. If you were putting water droplets on a painting you would want to put them on a new layer to make all this easier and to ensure you don't mess up what you have already.

    Using my airbrush, I made a white dot for my highlight on the top. Then a black pencil to make the outline of where I would put the water drop.
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