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Thread: Reinterpretation of paper grain

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    Reinterpretation of paper grain

    A friend of mine brought up an interesting point about paper grain. It would be nice to have a button in the paper settings that would reinterpret the strokes applied to a layer based on a new papergrain setting. I have actually wished for this kind of functionality myself. Say, as an example, I have painted an image for a client and used a grain that looks like paper. Upon review the client indicates a preference for a canvas grain. It would be of great value to be able to make that switch happen.

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    You'd basically have to record all the stylus data from the beginning of the painting and play it back again in the right order. This is like the recorded demos, but could be a huge amount of data when you're talking about an involved project.
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    One of the (many!) things on our 'to do' list is to support recording painting sessions (scripting).
    That would give you the ability to play back the strokes overtop a different paper.
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    How deep were you planning to make the recorded marks?

    Back as far as making the choice of grain?

    I can certainly see the value of re-doing the grain. On the other hand, I would hate to put that very first choice for the painting into the capricious hands of a client.

    I can hear it now, You just open your completed piece on the computer to the clients. They love it! Couldn't be better. The next day you receive an e-mail from the client which says,

    "Everybody LOVED your work. Our janitor, Fidel, thought the grain should be more like a particular marble tile in the lobby that cracked during the earthquake into what looks like the Virgin Mary holding our product. It's uncanny really. He says it's a sign. We figure the average consumer will think like him. So we're going with it.

    "He just spent 45 minutes on his knees scraping off the skuff marks.

    "Let's try it as grain. See attached pics.

    "Glad it's no bother at all. One miracle per customer, eh?

    "Can we have it by 1:30? Gotta love digital!"

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