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Thread: When O when do we get the next ArtRage?

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    When O when do we get the next ArtRage?

    Hey developers and artragers!

    Lemme start by saying that the 25 euros I spent on ArtRage 2 was the best money I invested in my life. It is an amazing product and the price/value scale tips strongly in favor of the value.

    That being said I will add that I am an avid video gamer. In the videogame world (as many of you will know) new realeases are publicized with much fanfare, the development of the game is also reported on, and followers of franchises get sneak peeks at new features, and are even notified the stage that the game is at (alpha, beta, etc.). Some indie companies even have developer blogs where one can read weekly about the progress of the game!

    I miss some sort of information on the next ArtRage 3. If there is some on the forums the search engine chokes on "3" and won't show it. Can we get a hint as to what new features it will have? And an ETA?


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    Hi Fran...........take a look here:
    Da go Te'
    Best to you

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    I'm looking forward to the next version, I hope it's just improvements because I hate when software moves to quickly and changes a lot of things your used too.

    Really have fallen in love with this!

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