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    New member here

    Hi all,
    I am recently new to the site, so to say I have been using AR2 and uploading imagery as I practice. I am a digital space artist learning to actually do digital painting thanks to AR2. Mostly I do 3d animations and capture the 2d images. That's not painting it is creating a scene with 3d objects and programs that actually create the "space" for you. In the begining I painted them all but as software came to be....well it took me away from actually painting images. Now I am back attempting to paint...yea! I am currently working on a 3d annimation movie short about the moon using NASA's 3d resources so time to learn something new is limited for me. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and also ask a Q..... what are the 3 types of image links and how do you link to the gallery image that you post?

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    Hi Bobbyray! Welcome to the forums, I hope you enjoy your stay! It sounds like you're doing some interesting work there.

    Regarding posting images to the Gallery forum, you can find a step by step guide here:

    If you want to link to images in your user gallery within a post, you can click the 'Insert image' button when making a post, then enter the URL. You can get the URL by opening your image in your Gallery, then copying the text in the 'Direct Link Code' box. That will put the image in your post at the same size.

    I'm not 100% sure what you're seeing there regarding the three types of image links, but I should be able to help with that once I know a little more.
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    Think he is talking about the links to Gallery images....
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    Welcome, Bobbyray! I am looking forward to see your space art paintings, because I am a space artist too.
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    Those are different types of web coding - the <img src.. one is HTML and the standard website links (for blogs and things aswell, if you want to share it there)

    the [IMG][ /IMG] ones are BB code which is used in forums like this

    Those will come with the actual picture,

    and the first one is simply the URL to that page.

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