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Thread: Taking a break....from taking a break...

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    Taking a break....from taking a break...

    I decided to take down the thread about me taking a break, as somehow I bungled it apparently and made it sound more final than I really had intended.
    The break in question is more to do with how much my time will now allow me to respond to posts, and not wanting others to think I was snubbing their work by not replying. And my missing "daily" time spent here.
    I am still good for one or two replies a day it seems, and maybe more as the changes here settle in.
    I printed off all the nice things said on the other post I deleted, as evidence of all your kind words, spoken when you thought you would finally be rid of me!
    No such luck!!
    Please, no need to respond to this!! Enough about me for now!! Just wanted to clarify and thought it misleading to leave the other one up any longer. See you in the gallery ( and I am working on a big extravaganza to post soon).
    "If I could only learn to be humble, I would be so proud." Author Unknown.

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    Cool beans.

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    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    I know what you mean.. At times I feel really guilty because I don't have enough time to add all the posts and comments that are so justly deserved.. Especially when I have members commenting on my works..We do what we can,when we can..
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    Welcome back Rob! Good to see you again.

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    Cool Rob.
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