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Thread: Artrage development?

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    Artrage development?

    I love ArtRage but I'm just curious if it's actually moving at all?

    I've been bogged down with work for the last year or so but now that I'm getting on top of things I've been getting more creative in my own time and using ArtRage again... and it's still the same ArtRage as it was nine months ago.

    I've looked all over the site for some kind of Roadmap or other indication of movement and there doesn't seem to be anything.

    I guess I was really looking forward to seeing some kind of watercolour emulation but it doesn't seem to have happened.

    Does anyone know anything?

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    There's another thread around here talking about ArtRage 3. Evidently it's in beta test, but they've (***THANKFULLY!!!***) made a strong commitment to not release it until it's really good.

    So, patience builds character :-)
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    ArtRage 3 is most definitely still being developed. Feverishly.

    We started ArtRage 3 development almost the same day ArtRage 2.5 was released. It has been 18 months of very intense labour.

    ArtRage 3 is currently in Beta. But I cant say how long the beta test phase will be because we dont know - we will release it when we're confident we have a stable, useful, usable product.
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    Thanks for your response guys... any news on features?

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    Not sure if they announced anything else yet, but there was a post someplace where the AR crew said that there would be watercolors. There weren't any pictures of it though.

    (EDIT) - Link to the post
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