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Thread: How to load ARTIST PALETTES or any other PNG files into ARTRAGE.

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    Thumbs up How to load ARTIST PALETTES or any other PNG files into ARTRAGE.

    Heres the way to load the files I uploaded and any other visual picture file for that matter.
    most posts for palettes seem to be saved in a file format called PNG, this stands for PORTABLE NETWORK GRAPHIC.
    I will try in words to show you how to load these files into ARTRAGE.....

    1. First in a convienient place on your harddrive create a folder called ARTRAGE WORKING FILES or something similar or whatever you wish.
    2. Go to the post were the PNG files are,
    3. choose the file that you require, example LANDSCAPE PALETTE.
    4. Right mouse click on the file then click save as, then save to the folder you have just created.
    5. Open ARTRAGE
    6. On the righthand corner color palette, right at the bottom there is a little grey arrow icon, click on this icon and another menu opens.
    7. Within this menu choose COLOR PICKER.
    8. When you click this another small menu pops up, click LOAD CUSTOM PICKER, this then brings up the usual WINDOWS navigation window, just navigate to the FOLDER you created with the PNG files,
    9. Choose the PNG file, LANDSCAPE PALETTE, when you click on the palette the windows navigation pane that is open will say OPEN, just click has you would normally in windows...the palette will then load into the color menu in artrage...your done...just click on the color that you want on the picture...that easy.
    Hope this helps. CASHMORE.
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    Excellent and clear instructions! You should write how-to books.

    I love your new palettes, I will just load them into:

    C:\Program Files\Ambient Design\ArtRage 2\Resources\Pickers\Custom

    My custom folder for downloaded palettes. Then they just show up in Artrage whenever I start it up.

    Thanks again!

    P.S.: I found that one can add new palettes ArtRage when it is running. No need to shut down.

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    Loading to a mac

    I downloaded one of your files but I can not open it or import it into artrage. Is it because I am on a mac and it is a file for p.c.?

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