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Thread: Errant "maverick" strokes

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    Errant "maverick" strokes

    Anyone else have the experience when you're impatient to wait for a "Save" to resume painting or moving the canvas, and you get a big streak of paint right across the canvas?

    that isn't so bad, but a couple of times, I have not been able to "Undo" my way out of that...I'll see OTHER strokes undo..ones that I painted deliberately, but the errant stroke won't clear.

    I know..this is like that joke about a guy who goes to the Dr. and says "hey's hurts when I do this" and the Dr. sez "Well...don't do that, then!"

    but I find myself getting into the Zone with art rage, and I get excited about continuing the painting...even wanting to keep at it through saves..wierd..


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    Hi archer!

    Could you email me at with your tablet make and model if you're using one, OS type and version and any additional details if you can think of them? I can take a look at that here and do some more direct troubleshooting with you via email.
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