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Thread: Artist Oil Palettes PART 1

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    HI ALL /
    This is my second post this time I have chosen 6 palettes for you oil painters. I hope you like these.
    As before with my previous post please let me know what you think of these palettes.
    these are,
    1. Basic High Key Palette
    Hansa Yellow Lt. - cool (toward green) semi-transparent light yellow
    ansa Yellow Med. - warm semi-transparent yellow
    Napthol Scarlet - warm (toward orange) semi-transparent Vermillion red
    Quinacridone Red - cool (toward blue) transparent red
    Phthalo Blue - warm (toward red) transparent blue
    Manganese Blue Hue - cool (toward green) transparent blue
    Phthalo Emerald - warm (toward yellow) transparent green
    Ivory Black - mixing black with moderate tinting strength
    Titanium-Zinc White - best general mixing white

    2. Impressionists' Palette
    Cadmium Yellow Lt. - cool (toward green) opaque light yellow
    Cadmium Yellow Med. - warm opaque yellow
    Cadmium Red Lt. - warm (toward orange) opaque light red
    Alizarin Permanent - cool (toward blue) transparent red
    Ultramarine Blue - warm (toward red) transparent blue
    Cerulean Blue - cool (toward green) semi-transparent blue
    Viridian - medium transparent green
    Ivory Black - mixing black with moderate tinting strength
    Flake White Replacement - replicates the working properties of Flake (lead) White.

    3. Transparent Glaze Palette
    Indian Yellow warm yellow makes painting look lit by sunlight
    Transparent Orange warm orange for sunrise/sunset
    Perylene Red cool red with dramatic yellow undertone
    Quinacridone Red cool red replacement for Alizarin and makes high key tints
    Quinacridone Magenta cooler high key red
    Quinacridone Violet clean, warm violet
    Dioxazine Purple cold purple that can be used for a black
    Manganese Blue Hue cool (toward green) transparent blue
    Phthalo Blue 20th century replacement for Prussian Blue
    Phthalo Green cold, dark green with great transparency and tinting strength
    Phthalo Emerald warmer, more natural looking Phthalo Green

    Please load the PNG file to access the palette colors. CASHMORE
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    Bumping this up, thanks to Cashmore for making these palettes and thanks to Hinket for bringing them to our attention again
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    I really like how these look- will try them! Thanks!

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