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Thread: UI Reskinning

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    UI Reskinning

    Forgive me if this is already existing somewhere and I have overlooked it- I've done a bit of poking around for it but nothing has turned up. I'd love love the ability to be able to reskin the User Interface. Don't get me wrong, I love how it looks by default... Very clean and simple... But when I am working on a darker peice, it's very distracting and throws off my idea of contrast to be working against a BRIGHT background. Just the ability to select a couple of colors to replace the green and white now and then would be phenomenal. That, or just a noob-friendly way to do it via plug ins...

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    Changing color of void:
    Select zoom 10%.
    Select any color.
    Alt+Click next to your canvas (in the void).
    The background should change to the selected color.

    Changing color of canvas:
    Tools... Layer Options... Edit paper settings...
    Click Color... Click the # circle.
    Pick any rgb-color as usual.
    OK... OK... OK

    Temporarily Removing white panels:
    Select tool of choice.
    Press ENTER or Right Click once to hide.
    Paint away. Remeber that you can alt+click new colors.
    Press ENTER or Right Click again to hide.

    See example where I have a nice yellow canvas on a lavendel void.

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