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Thread: Why loaded stencils are bigger?

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    Why loaded stencils are bigger?


    When I create a grayscale image in AI, or PS, save them as PNG, load them into AR as a stencil, the stencil is always bigger (by default) than the actual image used for the stencil. Why?

    I'm on Windowz. By default, if you do a File > Save for Web in AI or PS, the image will be saved as 96 DPI cuz that's the system default. (Display properties > General tab)

    If I specifically export the image as a 72 dpi PNG, load the image back into PS, and change the resolution to 96 dpi, then that is the image size AR loads my stencils. So it seems AR assumes stencil images are in 72 dpi, but either converts them, or interprets them as 96 dpi (maybe because of the system).

    It's not rocket science, yet not sure what am I doing wrong. I don't want to resize my stencils in AR. That is not the point. I want EXACT stencil dimensions, just the way I created them in AI or PS. So what is going on here? Can anyone shed light to this?

    Just for the record:
    AI = Adobe Illustrator
    PS = Photoshop
    AR = ArtRage


    Saturday morning correction:
    I made the above comment last night because I wanted to create relatively small stencils. However, upon closer examination today, it matters not how big (or small) the original stencil art is. AR always loads them using the same size. If the stencil art is big (say 1024x1024) AR will scale it down upon initial load. If the stencil art is smaller than the default size AR scales stencils, then it will be scaled up. Since my stencil art was smaller then the default, AR seemed to always scaling them up. Driving me insane trying to figure out why. So it seems my post was bad and stencil size has nothing to do with image dpi as such.
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    ArtRage scales its stencils to a usable size, so if you load an enormous stencil to a small painting for example, you are still able to manipulate the stencil relatively easily.

    If you want a stencil at a specific size, try using 'Import Image to layer' for the PNG you want to use as a stencil. Then right click the layer in the stack and choose 'Make a Stencil from this layer' to get a stencil at 1:1 size without scaling.
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