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Thread: Questions mainly about painting interiors

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    Questions mainly about painting interiors

    Hi everyone!
    I have problems when I try to paint interiors. Mainly with walls and ceilings. It always end up looking flat and has too much of a "computer painting" feel. I don't use Artrage for this because I don't want to be too much dependent of this software (but I love it! worry not!). I would like to have a technique that I can use on any software. I draw/paint mainly in a style that is close to backgrounds seen in japanese anime. I don't feel that to be a "different" style from the rest, but it is somewhat what I want to do.

    Here's two examples. The first one gives a good idea of what I want to paint. If you look at the wall, the color isn't flat, and it is not an equal gradient. There is some variations, excepting the dirt. I just don't understand when, why and how do this kind of color variation and I feel that it is not just a light thing. The second one is what I don't want to do. If you look at the right wall, it is a flat white with a little bit of gradation. That's what I feel that it is too much "computer painted".

    Does someone has an advice to give me?
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