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Thread: feature request for mouse mode

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    feature request for mouse mode

    It would be nice to have a tapered/falloff effect using the right mouse button in "mouse mode". Example...

    When painting in "mouse mode" there is no pressure response like with a tablet. So it would be nice while painting with the left mouse button, when you're ready to taper/falloff, you just hold down the right mouse button (still holding down the left to paint) to get the tapered/falloff effect. And maybe have a "falloff" control setting to have control over the length of the falloff.

    Hope that makes sense?

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    I see what you're getting at. For a moment I was wondering whether you might be referring to "mouse mode" in the ArtRage menu but you're talking specifically about using the mouse I see now. Thanks for the suggestion
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    Sorry for the confusion. I should have left that unquoted.

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