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Thread: Strange little Movie ( Made in Artrage?)

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    Strange little Movie ( Made in Artrage?)

    If you have never been to Dany51's blog, it is a treat to go there, its like a little world, kinda quiet and lovely, and since Dany does not post very many things here, you can see more of her artwork there.
    She offered a link, and perhaps many of you have seen this short,strange Movie about how to attach wings to an angel. If not, it is odd and strange enough to spend a few minutes viewing it. She notes it was done using artrage, but I have no idea if that is so.
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    Very interesting. Thanks for posting this Rob! and... I will never think of Angels the And thank you Dany51
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    Bizarre little film... thanks. Dany your blog is looking great.

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    What a trip!

    I was just going to look at it for a moment and was compelled to remain for the whole thing. Awesome work. Moody, strange, fascinating. . . Not sure if I got all the symbolism, but maybe that was never the intention.

    Thanks Rob. I bookmarked that films site that came from. Jeepers.

    I just noticed you mentioned that it was done in ArtRage? Seems possible of course for the art being art in so far as that goes.

    As for the rotoscoping/tracing part with the girl, one could use AR if you had all the frames you wanted to use for importing and doctoring. And the other elements for later animating could have been done in AR.

    Those kinds of movies are always interesting for the 'making of' behind the scenes story.

    I would guess it was done by young people owing to the amount of energy that goes into these types of offbeat projects. I don't think there's a lot of money to be made at it. But it definitely shows what one can do, so it would make a great calling card for getting work in the field. Plus it's that plain ol' Art Spirit rearing up again. Love it.

    Thanks again Rob.
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    Quote Originally Posted by D Akey View Post
    What a trip!
    Congratulations! You have won the "Understatement of the Year" award! :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by D Akey View Post
    I was just going to look at it for a moment and was compelled to remain for the whole thing.
    That's exactly what happened to me, too.

    I was thinking that the layers probably helped A LOT in doing the various bits of animation... someone moving past something, etc.

    Dani, care to give us some specifics about the use of ArtRage?
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    I am here,
    glad to find soon enough the post and I will try to clear all the story.

    I had the intention to make some littles videos about painting in Art Rage with Cam Studio and give some try , first one was too long , second one is very shot, i show it in here :
    but is really very insignificant, just a little sketch but the chanell "peregria" I did it in the purpose to publish some video on it.

    now I have some ideas but I am very spread around with toooo many things.

    Come back to the subject, as I had the idea of making some videos with Art Rage, and is not a new idea,
    I look a little bit around about videos.

    the post is this :

    and I sad :
    Art Rage can be used also for animation films and I like to share an animation movie,

    How wings are attached to the Backs of Angels" by Craig Welsh
    well, I am sorry for the confusion , I like to be concise with my words,
    I just wanted to share an animation movie that I find really very strong
    as expression, I look at it few times to try to understand the better.

    When i did write the phrase above I wanted to say :

    here a good litlle movie,
    something like that can be done with Art Rage.

    I am glad that you appreciate the little video and I think that there are really many ways that this "little"childrens soft called Art Rage can be used
    to do great things,
    eventually by a little bit older children that we all are

    Well, as I say I am very spread around but I try to keep going as you do
    and when I can I like to share my discoveries with you as you do the same.

    Have a nice day
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    You can use AR to design the images and art used in animation.
    Much better to use something else to actually animate the images.

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