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Thread: help with color picker

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    help with color picker

    hello all
    I need a bit of help with the color picker:
    1.How do I return to the default picker of artrage?
    2. How do I make a custom picker that I created as the default picker that will load every time I start a new painting?

    and thank you for the wonderful program


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    Hi Onyx!

    To return to the default colour picker, open the colour picker menu ( That little arrow to the right of the metallic slider ) and choose 'HS/L colour picker' or alternatively go to Tools -> Colour Options -> HS/L colour picker via the top menu.

    ArtRage will automatically load any of the standard pickers ( HL/S HS/L etc ) as a default based on the one you choose, but doesn't save your custom colour picker setting as a default with a document, so if you have a custom colour picker you will need to load it again next time you need it.

    I hope that helps!
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