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Thread: Tiger in the Snow

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    Tiger in the Snow

    I have unfinished work I would like to share but it is on my computer, not online. How can I share this without a URL for it under this topic. I don't see an "upload" button, only a button that gives me a window asking for a URL to the artwork. Thanks for your help. I'd like to share. : ) Cathy

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    I believe if you click the "manage attachments" button at the bottom, you will be able to post your picture here.
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    Hi Cathy, nice to see you venturing into the forum.

    Cym is correct - and you can upload five files per post. You'll have to observe the size limitations per file just like when you are uploading files into the gallery.

    I was happy to see "cathyd" on a starter thread

    As ever, blessings to you and yours

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