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Thread: New forum looking for artists

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    New forum looking for artists

    I own a studio called Awestruck and we have just started a new forum this week. I was looking for software to post in our tutorials section and came across Artage. I downloaded the free version and think it is GREAT ! We have added it to our forum and wrote a small review.

    We invite everyone to post their art on our forum and we plan on writing several tutorials for ArtRage. If you wish to visit us come on over:

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    Say, your site is brand new!

    Well good luck to you. A noble venture.

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    Thanks for the support !

    I am hoping to see artists add content. we have been up 35 hours straight getting everything working. But it is a lot of fun. :P :P

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    I just read your name. . .

    Har and avast. y'art lubbers!

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    Long story Short

    I owned an animation studio in Texas for 3.5 years. It was called Pirate Animation. By the time it was all said and done I was Eddie the Pirate . What can I say the title fits the personality.

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