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Thread: shoot update without starting ???

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    shoot update without starting ???

    how to kill the update automatically launch ArtRage.
    this idiot function remains blocked, and keeps me from using ArtRage

    obviously there is no timer type: if no successful connection to the server after 5 seconds, to abandon the attempt to update

    key in registry ? lign in .ini file ?

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    The only way I know of to turn off the automatic update feature is by going to "Edit > Preferences" and unchecking the option for "Auto-check for updates every week". Of course, that won't work for you, since you can't get by the update in first place (at least I think that's what you're getting at...).

    Maybe you should try disabling your internet connection and then opening the program. Maybe if it doesn't see a connection to use, it won't try to connect to the update installer.

    This is probably a topic better fitted for the technical forum though.
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    (Moved to technical)

    Get in touch with us via the Support page and we can provide support on how to disable the check before startup.
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    The update checker times out after a few seconds of not being able to connect to the server. If this isn't happening and you can't just click cancel, it's possible that something is preventing Artrage from proceeding further.

    The support page is here

    So that we can help you, when using the page above, please include the details of the problem

    1/ Your operating system and version
    2/ What version of ArtRage you're using ( latest version is 2.5.20 and can be downloaded from the Member area at
    3/ The exact nature of the behavior. What is the last thing you see? Do you see a wait cursor ( hourglass or rotating disc if using Windows Vista )? Does clicking the cancel button do anything at this point?

    Then we'll be able to troubleshoot the problem directly with you via email and help further.
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