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Thread: Cell Shading/block coloring for cartoons and lineart

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    Smile Cell Shading/block coloring for cartoons and lineart

    Hi there

    I am a very very very amuter artist looking at purchasing artrage to use on my tablet PC to let me draw simple cartoons. I think its "cell shading". Like simpsons style artwork. Where there are block colors.

    I like my colors to not have a "painted" look, but instead be one sort of "block" color. So no bleeding or wet look or anything. The same with my lineart, which I would like to know if I can do in ArtRage. I've been playing around with the demo, but can't achieve this with any of the brushes except for if I turn on the artist brush on the pen, but then I lose the ability to use pressure sensitivity to change the lines diamter via pressure. I'd like to be able to draw stylised lineart so the tool will need to be capable of that.

    Can anyone please help me out?

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    Try pressing F5 on your keyboard to turn off the depth (canvas) lighting to achieve a flat look. Also on your pencil and feltip tool make sure the artpen/precise mode is ON. Hope that helps Once you get used to it you'll wonder how you got along without ArtRage
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    Hi Windmill, and welcome to the ArtRage Forums.

    I'm not sure if you will be able to test the F5 lighting toggle effect in the starter edition of ArtRage. However, I do believe they allow one to try out the paper grain presets, which should include one called "Cell". It stops the "grain" of the paper from appearing. The image below is a quick example image I made to demonstrate. Though, it will likely be difficult to color within your lines without the use of layers the full edition offers.

    Name:  RockLeeCell.png
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    Here are some other images I made using the same technique (everything completed (start to finish) in ArtRage:
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    Awesome! Thank you guys! You have sold me the program

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    In the full version I think using the oil brush with Thinners 50% will satisfy your need for line diam control too.

    Also try reading ArtRage user and illustrator Cédric Trojani's tutor on how he does his cool stuff:


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