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Thread: Pen and wash

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    Pen and wash

    I am trying to get a pen and wash effect but I can not the wash to look good.
    The overlap of each brush stroke is too harsh and doesn't give a 'wash' look I.e. There is a dark line created by the overlaping strokes.
    Any ideas how to make it look better?
    Also how do I get my 'pen' on a layer so the wash doesn't cover it ?
    Thanks a lot.
    Sorry if this has been asked and elsewhere but I am new and did look through the forums !

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    The best I've managed has been to add the maximum 'water' to my paint, but you still don't really get the effect of a wash or water color....and the best solution for the pen line is to move the ink layer to the least that is what I do!

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    Hmm, hard to get a pen and wash I think.
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