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Thread: New to ArtRage

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    Smile New to ArtRage

    Greetings everyone, first off I want to say that this seems like a GREAT community . Everyone seems so nice and helpful, a lot of forums are full and rude people that love to flame the new guy.

    I recently purchased a Wacom Bamboo tablet after I found this wonderful program. After becoming disabled with a back injury I wanted to get back into drawing. I had done a lot of drawing as a kid and in high school.

    I have a few questions. How do I add the textures, stencils etc that are found on the forums for download? For some reason I keep holding the pen for my tablet too tight and its killing my fingers, is this something that I will overcome with use of the tablet? Is there any standard settings for ArtRage and the Wacom Bamboo that I need to make?

    Thanks in advance

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    Welcome. You are going to have a ton of fun here!

    To add stencils, just make a folder in the "Ambient Design/ArtRage2/Resources/Stencils" folder (give it whatever name you would like) and copy the image files to it. After you restart ArtRage it should be listed in the stencils.

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    Welcome to the ArtRage forums GenghisShawn,

    How do I add the textures, stencils etc that are found on the forums for download?
    Open the Stencils panel selecting the "Stencil" tab at the bottom of the screen or by hitting your "F" key on your keyboard. On the panel that opens you will see a small black triangle/arrow at the upper left of the panel. Click on this triangle and a menu will open. Select "Load a Stencil From Disk" and browse your way to the images you downloaded and select one to use. Click "Open" to place the image as a stencil on your canvas. To save the stencil, right click on it and select "Save Stencil Image To Disk".

    You may notice when you do that last step, the panel shows you are saving the stencil to a specific folder (Artrage 2/Resources/Stencils). If you'd like, you can simply go to the folder you saved the images in, copy the images you wish to use as stencils and paste them within the "Stencils" folder.

    I made a video tutorial that explains some things about the stencils. You can view it HERE

    As for your fingers hurting, that'll probably just pass over time. Just try to concentrate on not holding the pen so tight, lol. When I first started drawing a lot, I had the same problem.

    (EDIT) - Well you see what happens when you get up to make lunch while posting? Someone beats you to the answer, lol...
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    Thank you both for the reply, very nice tutorial. I subscribed and will check out your other videos.

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    Dear Shawn, Hello and welcome! you will have a great time here and , as you can see, lots of great teachers and help, am a 'senior' here and still learn every day, after three years have just started to fool around with the stencils,,,,haven't quiet figured how to pull up some of the donated stencils, you can right click and save them to your picture files, then 'import' to your ArtRage canvas and trace over and make your stencil that way,,,you also can make your own stencils,, draw a picture, on the layer pad click the little black arrow to 'make this layer into a stencil', your stencil will show up, YaaaaH!!!!!!!!!! then right click on the red stencil itself to 'save stencil image to disk' and give it a name, and WALLA! your stencil will be in the stencil section ready to be pulled up again if you want to,, cool huh?!!!! enjoy!! clever boys those ArtRage fellows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xox
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