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    I'm corn-fused. This appeared to be just an art forum, but upon closer inspection I see it revolves around a technique or program called ArtRage. Anyone want to splain me? I'd like to try.

    Until I'm educated, I'm afraid I'll have to continue posting in a most uneducated manner.

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    I would suggest that you download the software from here:

    You can then see how it works and try it out.

    This site is full of very helpfull and nice people so you get answers quite fast and multiple answers most of the time.


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    Welcome to the ArtRage forums Stone,

    You are correct. This forum is indeed meant to be a place for people to post their questions and works involving the program called ArtRage. As Alain has mentioned, you can download a free version of this program called the Starter Edition to get acquainted with it here: LINK. It's a small and fast download.

    If you'd like to see how it works before downloading, I'd suggest going to YouTube and doing a search for ArtRage drawings or paintings. There are a growing number of people posting videos of their progress on their images. Here are couple links to my own videos:

    Rock Lee (Naruto)

    Painted Cat

    Spider-Man Sketch

    Landscape Speed Painting

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    Hi Stone,

    If you click on the "Gallery" section at the top of the webpage between "User CP" and "FAQ" you can browse several thousand paintings ArtRage users have created primarily using the ArtRage painting software. You'll find everything from the most novice of works to the most artistically accomplished. This forum is for everybody, regardless of artistic experience.

    ArtRage's justly deserved claim to fame is that it mimics to a remarkable degree the real-world tools and experience of painting and drawing. ArtRage has an enthusiastic user-base. I'm one of those enthusiastic users. I find this forum an unusually supportive and encouraging community of novice and professional artists sharing their creations, ideas, suggestions and experience with the ArtRage software and painting in general.

    If that interests you then you've stumbled into the right place.

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