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Thread: Coloring project

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    Coloring project


    as I am still not fit in Artrage and I do have some coloring work to do, so
    I thought I merge both attempts. I want to test how different coloring
    styles appear - do they look nice or bad.

    I took some of our company images to do my evil work:

    No. 1: is the original image, my guideline.

    No. 2: is done in Photoshop. I just added color on another layer
    and did some smearing.

    No. 3: imported into Artrage. Then I draw with different colors over
    the black outlines. But I think this kind of coloring the outlines does
    not improve the image.

    No. 4: I took no. 3 as a base for no. 4. I painted some different
    colors above the hat, the favor and the edges of the clothes.
    Then I smeart all colors with the palette knife.

    But I am still not completly satisfied with version no. 4.

    Any suggestion what I can still improve?
    More shadow?
    I am not sure if I should remove the rests of outline in front of the

    Somehow the image could need some more structure, but atm I have no idea what to add and how.

    CU for tonight. ;-)
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    Hi Narf...

    Interesting experiment! I think the second and third (top-right and bottom-left) ones are very true to the times. That is, in (say) the Illustrated London News of the day when this style was in fashion, that would be about how it would look.

    I like your number four a lot more... the colors are well chosen, and the blending helps a lot. The only thing that bothers me is the hair at the back of his head (well, the hair at the side is odd too, to my modern eyes... maybe looking like a poodle was 'in' then :-).

    ANYWAY, I'd try darkening the hair at the back of his head leading to the ponytail. It's just too bright and stands out too much, and doesn't look as realistic as the rest.

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