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Thread: ?printing my image to a large canvas

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    Red face ?printing my image to a large canvas

    I'm an ArtRage newbie.
    I have an image I created with the following dimensions:
    width: 3000
    height: 3000
    dpi: 400

    Since I'm a newbie, I picked those numbers essentially out of the blue.
    I exported my image to a bmp file and want to send it to one of these online photo-to-canvas services (artisticphotocanvas dot com, to be precise).

    I want my final image (on a canvas) to be 30" x 30".
    But I'm not sure if my original ArtRage image settings (above) will result in a blurry image or not when its hanging on the wall. In other words, do I need different (ie., larger) image settings.

    Can anyone help me make sure my image resolution does not get 'lost in translation'.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi there,

    your image is 3000 pixels divided by 400 for each inch, so equals 7.5 inches.

    If you need high resolution printing (i.e. 400 dpi) then 400 per inch x 30 inches equals 12,000 x 12,000.

    Hope that helps.

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    Is 400 dpi a lot ?
    For instance, if 100 dpi is enough... then could the 'numbers' work out ok ?
    In other words, if 100 is enough... then 3000 / 100 is 30 - which would work out for a 30x30 canvas.

    I very well may need to have my head checked on this stuff.
    plz advise

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    Advise you to read recent posts in these forums. I had posted a detailed explanation of dpi and printing not long ago.

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    will go find that

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    Here's a thread which has some good information for you:

    I hope that helps!
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    Only real Pixel count ;-)

    If a printer offers for example 600dpi printing resolution and has 4 colors
    then this means a printed pixel is made of 4 printer dots to mix the
    wanted color on the paper. So you have to calculate 600 dots per
    inch trough 4 colors. This means the printer can print 150 pixel per

    Examples to calculate the optimal printing size:

    printer = 600dpi
    colores = 4
    target printout size = 30"

    600/4*30 = 4500 pixel

    printer = 1440dpi
    colores = 6
    target printout size = 30"

    1440/6*30 = 7200 pixel

    This numbers you can take as rough rule of thumb.

    From my experience I can tell you, you can set your
    painting software to 300dpi and the inch size you want
    to print later as maximum and the printing result will be
    very nice, because your image will be a little bit larger
    than the optimal size of most homeoffice printers.
    We do use some Epson printer with 2880dpi and 300dpi
    looks fine.

    The printer drivers do the fitting resizing internally
    anyway. If your image quality is a little bit higher it
    does not much harm to the image quality.
    It is worse if a printer driver has to make an image
    larger than it is.

    Some time a go I made a printout of an image in the
    size of about 35 inches. It had the size of 10000x10000
    and looks very well.
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