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Thread: Franjo the Wild

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    Franjo the Wild

    Well, initially I wanted to make a little 30min painting...
    Then I wanted to make it another crayon art project piece...
    Then I used chalk and a pen...
    Then I had too much fun...

    ...and then Franjo the Wild was done:
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    Hah, great character Taron. Reminded me a bit on Gollums dancing at mount doom, but Franjo seems to be more addicted to rock music. Great one, very well done.

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    oh wow! great one, fantastico!!
    Draw what you see!....not what you think you see!!
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    Very nice....The birth of a new critter....

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    Wow.. the textures on the tongue, head etc. look great, nice character
    the moment you admit your good, is the day you stop trying

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    Geemonie crickets!!! I wish I knew what you eat because then I would
    immediately switch over to your diet in hopes that I would, at least in a
    small way, acquire your unleashed artistry and unbounded imagination.
    "Franjo the Wild" is out of the ball park, insane, off the charts, wacked,
    demented and absolutely raving wonderful! Funkyfantastic!
    Mairzie Dotes

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    I want what ever he is having!

    Always a pleasure to view your paintings.

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    wow, he's a great little monster there. Looks like he's having a good time :O)
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    Great character. Really fine artistry. Looks like 3D.. excellent stuff.

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    I've just remembered why I've always loved being around all of you, creating freely and posting wildly. Even when I'm in the best spirit you guys lift me up a few more notches, haha!


    I've noticed a few sloppy things that are just too sloppy about him, so I might continue a little, but then again I'm glad, too... don't want him to look too 3d either, haha. It's a good contrast study for sure. I really went for the places that had to be significant and gave them strong contrasts, while respecting there depth.

    Alright, he's updated. Maybe I'll post a little series. I've kept a set of earlier stages. Okilidokily, make that a definitely... this shows the fun approach I took for it. Remember, I've started out wanting to make a 30min sketch?!

    - make wacky vignette like background with crayon and scratch around in it a little. I've added a few complimentary smudges of green and blue to make it not so monochromatic. Picking colors is a vital part of it all. I lay down a soft stroke of color, pick the inbetweens and keep rubbing it into the image for softer transitions. Color picking repeats until it feels like a soft enough gradient.

    - laying down a silhuette of my crazy guy. I was listening to some of my last songs (it's been a while since I made a new one) and the upbeat touch made me do a dancing little lunatic. I swear it's pure coincidence that the same discription applies to Golum... but then one doesn't always know what the subconscious picks up on...hmm.

    - Without much thinking I then just drafted a face over the head. I had a rough feeling of the orientation of everything, hows the head rotate, where do the limbs go. BUT I wasn't sure about everything, which is why I later changed his left leg.

    - After only having done the face I went into lighting/coloring it. Initially I used the brightest color of my background to introduce light, but gradually deviated from it with more red hues.

    - The rest of the body was completely freeform with me just going at it. I almost modeled it with the light, coming up with phony anatomy for him.

    - Adding some bounce lights with the stronger hues of the background and raising contrasts where they felt better marked almost the end of the process

    - Today I just noticed a few sloppy things that I simply neglected (corner of mouth, left arm. But then I felt like he'd need some company and added the ominous observers in the background!

    ...that's all. Oh, for the wip I had to reconstruct the first pure outline a little bit, because I had saved over it, but it's only been the head and left leg (which I began lighting/coloring with.)
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