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Thread: Few requests

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    Few requests

    First of all. I just love the AR2! I've found it One-of-its-kind in the internet ;-) I have a few suggestions where to improve the software...

    1. What I definetely miss are Tools Presets. It's quite crucial for me :-)
    2. In some circumstances (when I need just slight almost transparent moves), the sample trail in the right bottom corner disappears (Thinners=100 on Oil Paint for example.)
    3. More One Finger Keyboard Shorcuts (rotation +/- 15 deg for example for swift Paper Rotation). When using tablet, it would be nice to control most of the tools by pressing a single key, so I can focus on the painting process itself. AR2 is doing well on easy and fast sketching, it should definitely stay preserved. Less is sometimes more (you know what I mean). ;-)
    4. Advanced Paper Settings. The color and bump texture is OK, but there could me more... I'm talking about Paper Color Texture. Unfinished paper, gray, yellow and more types of paper with wooden parts, color spots, thin areas or even holes (?) in it and so on... For now I have to save blank document with one layer including the paper texture and then to choose the proper Paper Preset in the dialog box according the Color Texture. Merging these two steps into one Preset would be very, very pleasant.
    5. And the final one: ;-) I would appreciate some Stroke Smoothing for the "manga-like" clean strokes and lines. I have a cheap tablet which can't make a straight line :-D It kind of shivers...

    Hehe. That's it. But once again, AR2 just rocks ;-)

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