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Thread: Please provide more keyboard shortcuts!

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    Please provide more keyboard shortcuts!


    I was just looking at my previous posts, I found a request I posted way back in May 2006 about having more keyboard shortcuts:

    I would like to reiterate on this. I always program my Wacom's pen so that it utilizes the popup menu function. In the popup menu, I can program various application commands using keystrokes.

    Since ArtRage has very few keyboard commands, you have to carry out most commands using the app's menu.

    Now that I recently upgraded to a Wacom Intuos 3 (from an old Graphire), the Intuos tablet has buttons which can be programmed. Unfortunately, it cannot be used to its full potential in ArtRage because the lack of sufficient keyboard commands.

    For example, a very important command "Clear Layer" has no keyboard equivalent, so it cannot be programmed neither to the pen's popup menu, nor the tablet's buttons.

    So as a request, please review the current ArtRage commands in the various menus and assign keyboard commands to as much of them as possible so they can be programmed to use with the Wacom pen/tablet.


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    sigh. i had hoped that the clear layer command missing still had some sort of hotkey to be programmed on my cintiq. this wicked sucks. sigh i guess ill go back to sketchbook pro. I absolutly have to have a clear command hotkey

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