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Thread: Me myself and I ~ Vladimir Einstienear

  1. Me myself and I ~ Vladimir Einstienear

    Hi everyone

    Ok peoples, Its time you knew me well.

    As you might have known, I am leaving school to pursue a career in Graphic Design. I am in the 12 grade, (the last one) and have little time left before I become "free".

    I use the free version of Artrage, but would love to buy the real on but dont know how. This website is American, and I don have an American Credit card.

    I researched for Artrage on the net for Australia to find a store nearby that sells it but the only thing is, it was for MAC,

    Anyway, most of my Artwork is actually time-lapse believe it or not, I use a program to record what I do then fast forward it.

    Having said that, because I am leaving school soon, I will pay tribute by painting a picture of the teachers there, starting with.....

    Mr Nicholson...

    Will post it on another thread

    Murphy's Art Law #1,
    If you like it, the teacher won't!

    My Time Lapse Videos

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    Dear Vladimir, you have a beautiful face and spirit, thank you for telling us your story, what a great future you have waiting for you, do your best and and do you best to never hurt anyone or yourself, you'll be happy!

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    You seem to be a sensative person. That attribute will serve you well as long as you know that it will also open you up to the possibility of being hurt by others who don't share that gift ... that personal strength.
    Never let the shortcomings of others allow you to fall to their levels of behaviour. Do not become hard or disillusioned; stay true to your ideals for they are a fortune that will ultimately allow you to say to yourself, "I am rich."
    I admire your willingness to commit to your art at your age. On the other hand, I would caution you to not close yourself off to the possibility that you will discover other paths that you'll want to explore as you continue your journey through your life.
    It's a long journey and there are many corners that, as a young person, you can't yet see or even imagine. I know that at your age you think that you're 10 feet tall, bullet-proof, and the respository of all universal knowledge. I used to be just exactly the same person.
    I wish you all the best and hope that you see that I wrote this totally in that spirit.

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    Welcome aboard. I'm sure your talent will take you far.

    Enjoy ArtRage - and keep posting your work, it will help inspire all of us!

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    Keep posting! We´re looking forward to seeing more of your work--and seeing your progress with your plans! Have fun!
    The only problem with humor is that no one takes it seriously.

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    Thanks for sharing your story..Good luck in all your future endovers..Keep us posted on your progress..

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    Vlad, best wishes to you as you step out into a new world, one quite different than the enviornment of "school". The possible paths open to you are endless, as well as the joys and sufferings. You seem open and bright and full of spirit, all of which will serve you well in complex new undertaking called "adult life" (whatever exactly that is )

    So, keep posting when you can, safe passage through all your journeys, and somehow I hope our paths will continue to cross.

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